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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why is my mortgage broker sending me to

I can answer your question on behalf of  [mortage broker]  My name is Anoop Bungay and I am President of MortgageQuote Canada Corp. ( 

Our firm description (found on our website main page): is a Canadian mortgage broker and national agent for, the organization of Accredited Class® private mortgage investors and non-bank lenders. We address the realities of the "new normal" in the Canadian mortgage marketplace, now that traditional (mainstream) lender's are not as helpful as they once were and traditional mortgage brokers are limited to an increasingly reduced lender pool, with little to differentiate one another. Our solution is to bypass the Canadian banking system and provide institutional and private (non-bank) mortgage and nonmortgage© solutions for quality-minded borrowers, licensed brokers and Accredited Class® investorsService in Alberta (AB) , British Columbia (BC)Ontario (ON) and select jurisdictions nationally and internationally.  

In your case, (questioner's name), your mortgage situation is absolutely different from what traditional lenders are willing to consider due to issues including location, nature of property, current condition of property, nature of transaction (renovation/construction). Moreover, with the new bank rules imposed by the federal government (called B-20 look it up internet), traditional lenders are required to be more cautious in all lending situations, partly in order to ensure that Canada does not re-live the events of the great credit crisis of the 2000's.

As you know, [your mortgage broker] works with [Mortgage brokerage company which has a national network and works with over 85 lenders nationally.

The problem [your mortgage broker] is facing is that your mortgage situation is so unique that even she is unable to find a lender within her 85+ system of lenders and that's where we come in.

Either myself or one of my team members will t-up with you by phone in order to say "hi" and answer any initial questions that you might have. From there, we can sketch out a solution.

This is an absolutely custom service that no bank or traditional lender could ever do and it is our pleasure to help find a solution that works for you.